Whats Your Problem Lyrics

Whats Your Problem Song Lyrics


What’s your problem
Kyaa hai teraa gam bataa
Zindagi ko yun na dekh
Tu khadaa

Pyaar teraa, teraa
Kho gayaa, gayaa
Pyaar teraa kho gayaa
Dilarubaa nahi milaa
Ye to hai aisi sazaa
Jisakaa hai apanaa mazaa
Kyaa hai teraa gam bataa
Gam bataa
What’s your problem

Dil agar, agar
Tutaa teraa, teraa
Dil agar tutaa teraa
To sitam kyaa huaa
Kyaa hai teraa gam bataa
Gam bataa
What’s your problem.

“Whats Your Problem” Song Info:

Movie:Kalyug (1981)
Singer(s):Preeti Sagar
Composer(s):Vanraj Bhatia
Music Director(s):Vanraj Bhatia
Director(s):Shyam Benegal
Music Label:© Saregama
Starring:Shashi Kapoor, Rekha, Raj Babbar
Release on:28th March, 1981
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