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SilkSong Lyrics - Cadbury - TV Commercial

Cadbury - TV Commercial Songs Lyrics

Movie/album: Cadbury - TV Commercial

Singers: Armaan Malik, Shirley Setia

Song Lyricists: N/A

Music Composer: Clinton Cerejo

Music Director: Clinton Cerejo

SilkSong Song Lyrics

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Kiss me,
Close your eyes,
Miss me,
Close your eyes,

Love me zara zara tu bhi,
Pighal gaya main bhi,

Take me on the ride again,
And feelin inside,
Just hold me,

My heart’s keepin on beating,
Teri sharaarton se,

You knock me off my feet,
I don’t know why why why?

Kiss me,
Close your eyes,
I can read your lips,
Miss me,
On your fingertips,
Close your eyes,

Kiss me,
Bas tum aur main,
Close your eyes,

Kiss me..

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