Shree (Title) Lyrics

Shree (Title) Song Lyrics


Ho ho ho
Ho hoohooo
Ho hooho

Wada raha
Yeh wada raha
Aajae koi bhi toofa
Tumko khoone na dongi
Khudse judaa
Mere paas aao
Itne paas aao
Hamko chuna saake
Yeh fasla
Yeh fasla

Ho ho ho
Ho hoo hoo
Shree shree
Hohooho shree.

“Shree (Title)” Song Info:

TV Show:Shree (2008)
Director(s):Glen Barretto, Ankush Mohla
Starring:Wasna Ahmed, Pankaj Singh Tiwari
Release on:22nd December, 2008
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