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"Hello" Song Details:

Album/Label: Queen (2015)
Singer(s):Adel Farooq, Raxstar
Composer(s):Luke Masih
Music Director(s):Luke Masih
Music Label:© T-Series
Starring:Zack Knight, Raxstar
Release on:27th July, 2015

Hello Lyrics – Adel Farooq, Raxstar

Why would i tell you
I’ve been falling apart,
Why would i share my pain when
I can keep it all in my heart,

I was your king..
You were my queen,
Adele at 19 chasing
Pavements and dreams.
We stepped up on the scene
Everybody stopped to see,
Couple man wanted to chirps you,
But they knew you were with me,

So they kept it moving its you
I was introducing,
As my woman and my future
Wondering where had you been,
All my life  how long had
I been searching,
Tryna find you i thought this
Time it was for certain,

But how much do you really
Know about a person,
If the only side they show
You is the one that isn’t hurting,
If you stood still it would feel
Like you’re reversing,
’Cause i moved forward
Tryna be a better person,

I tried to catch you win the
Race and get the medal,
I thought you were special
Because we could talk on a level,
And i ain’t ever put anybody
Up on a pedestal,
I said falling in love again is
Something that i’ll never do,

And then you sent your message through…
Its me..yeah..hey,
I was wondering if after all these years,
You’d like to meet,
To go over..everything,

They say that time’s supposed to heal ya,
But i ain’t done much healing,
There’s such a difference..
Right now.. Between us,
And a million miles,

Dil mera nai mann da my heart wont listen,
Hun tu bandha ban ja so be a man now,
Kya si tenu rohna nai i told you not to cry,
Jadoo magic you had me under,
But no more..no more i broke your spell,
I don’t want to read a message from you,
Saying hope you’re well,
Don’t get it twisted,
I don’t need no sixth sense,
To know you were lying back then,
Now you want to fix it
So i was suppose to pause
My life wait for you to remember me,
And press play once i got
The message that you sent to me,

I nearly lost myself..lost myself
I had to turn to god for help,
Turn to god for help
’Cause you ain’t who i thought you was,
My brain is laughing at my heart,
I told you not to fall in love,

Beauty all around me
I wanted to get a portion of,
I thought you were perfect like
Something sent from the lord above,
But why now are you tryna call my bluff,
My battery’s on 1 percent..
I’m about to pull the plug,

Hello from the outside,
At least i can say that i’ve tried,
To tell you i’m sorry for breaking your heart,
But it don’t matter it clearly
Doesn’t tear you apart anymore,

Why would i tell you i’ve been falling apart,
Why would i share my pain
When i can keep it all in my heart

Why would i share my pain when
I can keep it all in my heart..

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