Hindustan Ke Hunarbaaz (Title) Lyrics


"Hindustan Ke Hunarbaaz (Title)" Song Details:

TV Show: Hindustan Ke Hunarbaaz (2012)
Starring:Sonali Bendre, Mary Kom, Terence Lewis
Release on:22nd October, 2012

Hindustan Ke Hunarbaaz (Title) Lyrics

Hum hai jahaa saari dhoom wahaa
Hum se bada star bolo kahaa hai
Khul ke rahega ab to ye raaz
Hum hai hum hai hum hi to hai
O mere bhaiya o mere paasa
Gets ap for some gazab tamasa
Hunar hunar hunar hunar
Hunar hunar hunar hunarbaaz
Hum hai hum hai hum hi to hai

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