Jind Mahi (Title Track) Lyrics


“Jind Mahi (Title Track) Lyrics” is a Punjabi song from the Indian film Jind Mahi. The song has been sung by Oye Kunaal. The music of the song is composed by Oye Kunaal and the lyrics are penned by Raahi. The Punjabi film is directed by Sameer Pannu and stars Sonam Bajwa and Ajay Sarkaria.

"Jind Mahi (Title Track)" Song Details:

Movie: Jind Mahi
Singer(s):Oye Kunaal
Music Director(s):Oye Kunaal
Director(s):Sameer Pannu
Music Label:© White Hill Music
Starring:Sonam Bajwa, Ajay Sarkaria
Release on:5th August, 2022

Jind Mahi (Title Track) Lyrics – Oye Kunaal

Oh jind mahi kalleya
Chadd challeya ae
Ke jind mahi dil chon
Kadd challeya ae

Ve jind mahi
Aidda na kar ve
Kyon jind mahi
Hoke add challeya ae

Russe mere lekh
Taqdeer russi ae
Pyar waali meri
Taan lakeer russi ae

Oh jind mahi ve
Maahi ve, maahi ve

Zindagi gayi zindagi
Main adhoora reh gaya
Hasse ton hasse bichade
Ke gham poora reh gaya

Ke jind mahi zakham ne alle
Haaye ve raahi reh gaye ve kalle
Hunn jind mahi hass nahi hona
Ke pai gaya rona palle

Oh jind mahi ve
Maahi ve, maahi ve

Oh teri khaatir kuch kar ke
Ya sadd ke milange
Haan mannat tenu jannat
Vich maar ke milange

Haan jind mahi jee nahi hunda
Ve jind mahi zehar hi de de
Jeh jind mahi pyar nahi ae
Ve jind mahi zehar hi de de

Oh jind mahi ve
Maahi ve, maahi ve.

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