Mad About You Lyrics


"Mad About You" Song Details:

Movie: The Great Indian Butterfly (2007)
Singer(s):Chrystal Farrel
Lyricist(s):Chrystal Farrel
Composer(s):Chrystal Farrel
Music Director(s):Chrystal Farrel
Director(s):Sarthak Dasgupta
Music Label:© Eros
Starring:Aamir Bashir, Sandhya Mridul, Koel Purie, Barry John
Release on:11th November, 2007

Mad About You Lyrics – Chrystal Farrel
Tingles when you touch
i love it all so much
When you come away
i hate to feel this gay
Never when you talk
i love the way you walk
And when you kiss my
Ear just feeling you somewhere
Mad about you mad about you
Mad about you the silly
Things you do to me
Cause i mad about you

I love a long sweet walks
I wait for long talks
I love you put it nons and
When you play on with my toes
I love it when we dance
And dedicate the songs
I love to hold your hand
And then roaming inside
Mad about your voice mad
About promises you make to me
Coz i am mad about
you mad about you
Baby mad about you

When we are sitting face to face
And just talking all the ways
When your hand pushes
Mine i get shivering inside
When you feel to
go home feel so long
I wait for the next time
There is no rush coz you are mine.

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